MAP Simulation Tool (beta)

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With the current set of ?!? MAP rules...
  • Up to ?!? customer sites can be provided with IPv4 connectivity.
  • A total number of ?!? global IPv4 addresses are used (roughly a /?!?)
  • ?!? of these addresses are unused.
  • These numbers yield an average IPv4 sharing ratio of ?!?

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In order to help us understand how this tool is being used and to improve it in the future, it will periodically save anonymous usage information for analysis. This does NOT include your IP address or any other information not needed by the tool itself. If you wish, you may override this by unchecking the box below.

MAP Simulation tool created by Arthur Lacoste of Cisco Systems based on draft-ietf-softwire-map-10 (now RFC 7598.
The DHCPv6 provisioning options are formed based on draft-ietf-softwire-map-dhcp now RFC 7598. A quick video tutorial for this tool is available on youtube.
Please send comments, bug reports, and other feedback to : map46-tool-feedback[at]
Last updated: 29/09/2014 (with a refresh March 2023)